Tracking the QBs Seahawks should take in 2023 NFL draft: Week 10

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Seahawks 2023 QB targets numbers 4 and 3

Number 4: Bryce Young

NFL Comp: mix of Tyler Huntley and Kyler Murray

We are reaching uncharted territory with Alabama. It is not Thanksgiving, and the Crimson Tide are eliminated from the CFP already. The defense isn’t the same as in previous teams under Nick Saban.

Bryce Young is struggling without the incredible offensive talent he had around him last year. He has not played badly, but it feels like he’s running around like crazy trying to keep his team alive.

Young finished 25/51 for 328 yards and 1 touchdown to go with an interception. I have my concerns about Young and his game translating to the NFL, but I’ve been really impressed with his fight and ability to give his teams a chance to win every week when his talent level around him is so much worse than last year.

Number 3: Will Levis

NFL Comp: B version of Josh Allen

Last week, people wanted to bury Will Levis and thought he was a fraud. We kept the faith, and Levis delivered one of his best games this week in a 21-17 road win at Missouri. Levis, who continues to play in a “pro” style offense that doesn’t let him throw, ended up 13/19 for 170 yards and 3 touchdowns. The offensive line continues to be abysmal, as Levis was sacked 6 times.

Get Levis to his pro day, and watch him push to be the top overall pick. If that Denver pick were to put the Seahawks in a position to take him, he’d be tough to pass, even with Geno Smith playing the way he has.