3 Seahawks veterans that are having Pro Bowl worthy seasons

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Everybody is getting to know just how good the Seahawks rookies are in 2022. Of course, 12s know about the rookies. And the rest of the NFL has either found out how good this rookie class is (by their team getting beat by Seattle) or likely will know.

But Seattle isn’t just exceeding expectations so far this year because the rookies are good. The Seahawks are playing really well as a team overall and many veterans are contributing to the team’s success. In fact, some veteran players playing at a high level for Seattle have not yet made a Pro Bowl in their careers but if the season were to end right now, they should be named as a Pro Bowler for this year.

It will be interesting, though, to see which Seahawks rookies get a nod for being on the Pro Bowl team. Tariq Woolen? Possibly. Ken Walker III? If he keeps playing the way he currently is, maybe. Many of the rookies will probably one day be Pro Bowlers.

Several Seahawks veterans should be named as Pro Bowlers this year

But this article is about the veterans. I am not even going to get into the vets playing well who are unlikely to get a Pro Bowl nod. Left guard Damien Lewis and center Austin Blythe are making the interior of the offensive line formidable. Poona Ford has been a beast lately on the interior of the defensive line. Kicker Jason Myers and punter Michael Dickson are doing great things on special teams but probably won’t get the popularity votes to make them Pro Bowlers.

But the three players that follow should get awarded. And maybe not even this year. The next three players are still young enough to help the Seahawks win a bunch of games in the future.