Three and out: 3 takeaways from Seahawks Week 10 loss to Bucs

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The Seahawks anemic run game

This is not a bash against Seattle Seahawks running back Kenneth Walker, he is still a great player and a fantastic runner. This is just a reminder to all of us and Seattle that no matter how good a running back you are, you can run into a brick wall sometimes.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers did just that last Sunday in Germany as Ken Walker run into Berlin Wall time and again against the Bucs run defense. K9 had 10 carries for a woeful 17 rush yards on this game, to say that it was a terrible run game for the Seahawks will be a massive understatement.

The silver lining for Ken Walker’s horrendous run game was his utilization in the passing game, wherein he caught 6 passes for 55 receiving yards. The head-scratcher was, seeing how the Bucs were stone-walling Walker for the first 3 quarters and yet the Seahawks did not use him in the passing game up until the 4th quarter. It was mind-numbing that most of the yardage Walker was able to accumulate was towards the later part of the 4th quarter when the Seahawks were mounting a comeback.

Ken Walker proved in this game that he is a more than capable pass-catcher back, and the Seahawks must take advantage of this skillset as other teams will surely game plan towards stopping Ken Walker and their run game.