Three and out: 3 takeaways from Seahawks Week 10 loss to Bucs

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Seahawks defensive line
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Seahawks D missing

For the first half of this game, especially in the 2nd quarter, Seattle’s defense was missing in action. They looked lost out there in Germany, maybe it was the time change, or maybe it was the more than 10 gazillion miles of air travel, who knows but they got demolished out there.

When Seattle was winning all those games, they were able to somehow shut the other teams down, but in this game, they somehow forgot to play defense. Early in the 2nd quarter, they allowed a 50-year-old wide receiver in Julio Jones to waltz his way to the endzone for the first touchdown of the game. Then later proceeded to allow the Bucs and Leonard Fournette to score on the ground. Two scoring plays, both long drives of identical 13 plays and 85 plus yards.

This Seahawks team simply cannot allow their opponents to gain sustainable drives against them just like in the early part of their season. As good as Geno has been for this team, and this is not a disrespect to Geno, he is not the type of quarterback that can mount a big comeback.

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Yes, Geno Smith, in this game was able to guide the offense to inch closer. But they simply cannot fall behind by 2 scores all the time if they plan to make some noise towards the end of the season and the playoffs when they get there.