3 observations about Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf in Week 10

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Observation 2: DK Metcalf’s temper still hurts the Seahawks sometimes

Was DK Metcalf called for possibly the worst unsportsmanlike penalty in the history of unsportsmanlike penalties in Week 10? Arguably, yes. In the first half after a pass attempt to Metcalf that could have been called pass interference and might have resulted in a touchdown for the Seahawks (or at least put them close to the end zone), Metcalf said a couple of words to the nearest official and then Metcalf started walking back towards the Seattle sideline. However, the official kept following Metcalf and actually touched Metcalf so Metcalf turned around and said something and a flag was thrown.

A few things. What was the official doing exactly? The official seemed to instigate the reason for the flag. And nothing Metcalf seemed to be worthy of throwing a flag. Seattle had to move back 15 yards because of the flag but at least kicker Jason Myers made a 55-yard field goal after the penalty.

The issue, though, with Metcalf is that this isn’t the first flag he has had thrown on him for unsportsmanlike conduct. Since his rookie season, he has had three penalties for that. Maybe Metcalf’s reputation for being ornery with officials or fellow players somewhat went into the flag being thrown? Metcalf has also been penalized since 2019 for taunting, unnecessary roughness, a facemask call (which was really due to unnecessary roughness) and was actually disqualified once in a game due to non-play activity.

DK Metcalf is a great player with a great personality. But his actions on the field have cost his team yards and field position far too much. His passion is great but he needs to reign it in a bit.