Notes from the Nest: Seahawks get GOAT’d in Munich

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(Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images)
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Seahawks no-huddle notes

One: The run defense was atrocious, and I think the decision to sit Bryan Mone played a huge role in the struggles. It was an anticipation move according to Pete Carroll, and one that backfired. The Seahawks thought the Bucs were going to throw a lot, rather than run. I just feel like when you’re on a role defensively for a month, you don’t mess with what’s working.

Two: Geno Smith looked pretty mediocre in the first half against a tough Buccaneers defense. In the second half, after switching to a no-huddle offense, Geno started cooking and the defense took off. This was the second time Geno struggled, and also the second time in which the offensive line was overwhelmed, leading to losses. The 49ers did it to them, and Tampa Bay this last week.

Three: I’ve loved Geno Smith this year, and am excited to hear there’s interest in a long-term deal. I also have seen him look mediocre at best against legit teams. This continues to make me a believer in, if the right quarterback is there, you need to strongly consider drafting a QB early next spring.

Four: Tariq Woolen’s interception on Tom Brady was hilarious and beautiful to watch. That’s twice in the past few years Brady has tried to be a receiver, and both times it’s been a hard watch. Woolen is going to be a special player, and he’ll see plenty of interceptions in his career, but none will be as easy as that one.

Five: The field looked bad. The Seahawks wouldn’t accept that the field cost them the game, but it sure didn’t help. They were slipping and sliding all over the field as the Buccaneers ran it down their throats.