Where Seahawks draft: Updated 2023 NFL draft order Week 11

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

The end of the 2022 NFL season is getting closer. The Seahawks have seven games left and the 2023 NFL draft order is beginning to take real shape. Heading into Week 11, and if the draft were today, where would Seattle choose?

As most 12s probably know, Seattle has two first-round draft choices in 2023. One is their own and the other came to them from the trade that sent Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos this past offseason. Seattle also picked up a second-round pick from the Broncos for next year’s draft so the Seahawks have two second-round choices as well.

The most surprising part is how much Seattle has exceeded expectations this season. Before the year, if most people had to guess, they probably would have said the Seahawks would wind up with a high first-round pick that would have been the one they previously owned and the one they got from the Broncos would have been well into the 20s. But Russell Wilson and the Broncos have not been good so far this year.

The Seahawks 2023 NFL draft position is shaping up

If the draft were held today, Seattle would have the 8th overall pick which was the Broncos’ original choice along with the 22nd overall pick. Geno Smith is to blame for the 22nd pick, I say sarcastically because he has simply been too good this year and made the team overall a lot better. Seattle does finish with a tough schedule, however. The last four games are against the 49ers, Chiefs, Jets, and Rams, respectfully (the Rams don’t have a good record but are always tough on Seattle).

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But Seattle’s 8th overall pick has a real chance to move even higher. The Broncos still have to play at the Ravens, against the Chiefs twice, and against a Rams team that knows how to play against Wilson. There is a very real chance the Seahawks finish with a top-five pick in the 2023 NFL draft.