4 Seattle Seahawks who should not be back in 2023

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Nfl Seattle Seahawks At Detroit Lions
Nfl Seattle Seahawks At Detroit Lions /

Seahawks running back Rashaad Penny

Seattle re-signed Rashaad Penny this past offseason with the hope he could start off being the lead running back but also, for once, stay healthy for an entire season. That last part didn’t happen, of course. Penny did fairly well with what he was given very early in the season when he was being underused but then had a huge in Week 4 when he ran 17 times for 151 yards and 2 touchdowns against the Lions.

Penny was playing well against the Saints in Week 5, too, until he got hurt. Penny had a fibula fracture, syndesmotic ligament tear, and deltoid ligament tear. Through five games, Penny had run 57 times for 346 yards and 2 touchdowns with an average carry of 6.1 per. He was fast and strong and explosive until the injury.

But that’s the thing with Penny: He always seems to be getting hurt. I feel bad for the guy. He clearly wants to play and play well and he thinks he’s letting the team down by being hurt so much. And the truth is, he is letting the team down because he is counted on so much because he is potentially so great.

The Seahawks did a weird thing with Penny this past offseason, though. They gave Penny $5,630,000 even though they seemed to be bidding against themselves. Now Seattle has Ken Walker III and Penny isn’t necessary to keep around. Maybe Penny does return to Seattle at a low salary but if he does play he will probably just get hurt again.