Russell Wilson is the gift that keeps giving to the Seahawks

Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /

Russell Wilson just keeps helping the Seattle Seahawks even if he isn’t an actual part of the team. OK, and to be fair, he isn’t the entire issue of what is wrong with the Denver Broncos offense, but he is a large part of it. A quarterback with his gifts should be able to elevate a team greatly and Wilson simply hasn’t in 2022. Like, at all.

Some have said Wilson is playing like he is hurt. But Seahawks fans have noticed the last couple of years the way he plays and he looks this year the same as he has. He doesn’t have the same quality of offensive talent around him. Maybe. He certainly doesn’t have the same quality of head coach in Denver as he did in Seattle.

But this isn’t an “I hate Russ” article because it isn’t. Next season, I doubt we at 12th Man Rising write one article about Russell Wilson. And I don’t dislike Wilson. He was great as the QB in Seattle until last year. This year, Geno Smith is better and there is no argument to that.

Russell Wilson helps the Seahawks no matter whether he likes it or not

Russell Wilson currently ranks 27th in passer rating at 83.3. He is 28th in total QBR at 32.4. And he is 28th in touchdown passes at 7. His offensive scheme might be flawed but he hasn’t been good this year either.

But Russell Wilson keeps helping the Seahawks and in a deeper way than how that might sound. By “deeper,” I mean just look at the way the 2023 NFL draft is shaping up. Not just the first round. Because the Broncos are so bad right now – they are 3-7 – not only does Seattle have a higher first-round choice than they anticipated with one of the picks they back from Denver in the trade that sent Russell Wilson to the Broncos this offseason, but Seattle’s second-round choice they got from Denver is currently pretty close to the first round as well.

For all intents and purposes, the Seahawks have what amounts to almost three first-round picks in 2023. Many teams grade players entering the NFL draft up to 40 players. Meaning, if a player is in the top 40, they could possibly be chosen in the first round. If the draft were held today, Seattle would have picks at number 5 overall, number 21 overall and number 36 overall. Three picks inside the top 36? Sweet.

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I mean, no disrespect to Russell Wilson. But as a Seahawks fan, I need him to lose a lot more this year. Not because I dislike Russ but because the Seahawks are my team and that’s all that matters.