Three and out: Notes from Seahawks crushing OT loss to Raiders in Week 12

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Fresh from their bye week, the Seattle Seahawks were poised to bounce back from their Week 10 defeat in the hands of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Germany. However, instead of being able to adjust their game to be able to push them closer to the playoffs, the Seahawks’ playoff dream was halted for the meantime in Week 12 in the hands of the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Week 12 overtime loss to the Raiders, accompanied by a Washington Commanders win, have the Seahawks on the outside looking in with regard to the NFC playoff picture. This is a crushing blow for the Seahawks who had been playing great up until Week 10. Now the Seattle Seahawks have to quickly find answers not to let this season slip away from their hands.

Leading to Week 10 against the Bucs, the Seahawks were looking like a playoff team, who seemed like they were finding the answers to some of their woes that were clouding them in the early part of the season. The Week 10 loss to the Bucs and the overtime loss in the hands of the Raiders in Week 12 proved that the Seahawks still have a lot of things to figure out both on the offensive side and the defensive side.

Seahawks lose to the Raiders: What’s next?

It will not be an easy road for the Seahawks as the season inch closer to the playoff run, as other teams are also gearing up for their own playoff push. This team is still a relatively young core, that must weather these storms along the way and learn from them quickly. As painful as it was to watch the Seahawks crushed at home, here are the three notes from that overtime defeat in Week 12.