Notes from the Nest: Seahawks run over by Las Vegas in Week 12

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Is the Seahawks’ offensive line regressing?

While the Seahawks scored 34 points, there’s still some concern about the offensive line. The rookie tackle towers continue to be one of the brightest lights of a mostly successful season so far.

Cross continued to be solid and Lucas battled through illness. I don’t think he played badly, and I don’t blame him for getting overwhelmed in the final 12 minutes of a nearly 70-minute game against All-Pro Maxx Crosby. My biggest concern is the interior offensive line. Austin Blyth and Gabe Jackson were destroyed all game long against Vegas. Their inability to move anybody essentially eliminated Seattle’s ability to run the football for the second straight game.

These are two veterans that are league-average at best, I get that. I also would like to see what Jake Curhan or even Stone Forsythe could do in those slots. They’re mostly tackles, but they can’t be as bad as Gabe Jackson looked the last few weeks. The Seahawks have run for a combined 108 yards in the past two games. This season will continue to slip away if adjustments aren’t made.

I say give some new faces a chance to get a spark. Even if it works a little, general manager John Schneider needs to take a long hard look at some interior offensive line help this spring in the draft. We’ve already seen what the rookie tackles success has done for Geno Smith. Imagine how much more potent the offense could be with legit young talent at the center or guard positions.