Notes from the Nest: Seahawks show their true colors in 30-24 loss

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Geno wasn’t great but wasn’t the culprit for the Seahawks

I think it is safe to say that this was a bottom-three game of the year for Geno Smith. We saw a different Seahawks offense essentially get shut out by San Francisco, and a rough three quarters in Germany against Tampa Bay before catching fire. This game falls into that same category.

Geno’s stats look pretty good, throwing for 264 yards and 3 touchdowns. We also saw only 58.3% of his passes completed, and two interceptions, with one being a terrible decision. While he is still having an incredibly efficient season, the interceptions and poor decision-making have noticeably increased. Geno made some poor decisions while leaving the pocket, taking two terrible sacks when he could have easily thrown the ball away.

There was a play-action play in the second half when the game was still in the balance, Carolina leading 20-17. Geno used the play action to roll out of the pocket, he became focused on Tony Jones Jr, throwing a 1-2 yard pass that got Jones Jr lit up by Frankie Luvu. If Geno looked 10 yards up ahead, he had DK running wide open, with Dissly ahead of him to block one Panther. If Geno sees that play, DK is still running. You’re looking at a 24-20 Seahawks with 20 minutes to go, and maybe the Panthers break from their mindset of pounding the rock.

I don’t bring up these points to drag on Geno like some Seahawk fans are starting to do. He’s a franchise QB, but he needs help. Geno can’t be asked to carry a team with no defense, no running game, and rookie tackles.

I believe Geno has top-7 QB potential and is worth a short and lucrative extension, but to ask him to carry this team right now is unfair to any top QB. No, the blame needs to go somewhere else.