Notes from the Nest: Seahawks show their true colors in 30-24 loss

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Ramifications of the loss for the Seahawks

While the loss almost assures that Seattle will be picking with their Denver pick ahead of Carolina, it does lay a devastating blow to the Seahawks’ playoff chances.

The loss brings the Seahawks to 7-6, and they fall behind the New York Giants and Washington Commanders for the final playoff spots in the NFC. As it currently stands, the Seahawks’ playoff chances dipped from 64 percent to 48 percent. With the next three games coming against elite Super Bowl threats in San Francisco, Kansas City, as well as the playoff-hopeful New York Jets. Even with the season finale against the Rams, the playoff dream seems dark.

For Seattle to get in, they likely need to pull off a miracle, winning three of four in this brutal stretch. Understanding the difficulty of that task, they likely need a split in their final four games, as well as the Giants to lose three out of four just to sneak in. The Giants do travel to DC and Minnesota, host the lowly Colts, and then finish the year at Philadelphia.

Depending on where the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles find themselves on their season finale, the Eagles may need a win to keep the number 1 seed or may be in a position to rest, likely meaning a Giants win. Much mystery awaits Seattle, as they are likely going to finish on the outside looking in, but could still sneak in, or even get in as the number 6 seed.

Quite the whirlwind for Seahawks fans that initially had zero expectations, and then began to dream big before the Hawks went to Germany.