Three and out: 3 takeaways from Seahawks Week 14 loss to Panthers

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Seahawks run game missing in action

Pete Carroll and the Seahawks always emphasize establishing the run year after year. For the most part, it has been effective for Seattle, however, this season, especially the last 4 games had been putrid. It had been a problem even with a healthy Kenneth Walker III, and it was a disaster without him against the Panthers.

Being in the hole early, thanks in part to an early first-quarter Geno interception, did not help. But the Seahawks kept getting stonewalled in the line of scrimmage every time they try to run the ball. The combination of Travis Homer and Tony Jones Jr. only managed 28 yards on the ground, 28? Even with the early deficit, this is simply inexcusable for a team known for its running attack.

Seattle has to immediately fix this problem and it is solely not on the running backs, but also on the team’s run-blocking capability. There is simply no space for their running back to punch a hole in for a good chunk of yardage.

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With Ken Walker still nursing an ankle injury and is doubtful to play this Thursday, the Seahawks have to find an answer quickly to help out Geno and the passing game. If this team has any hopes of making it in the playoffs, they need to get this running game going as soon as possible.