Seahawks: Four coaches worthy of replacing Pete Carroll

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Seahawks head coaching target: DeMeco Ryans

It appears former defensive coordinators for the 49ers will make good head coaches. Maybe this is because they learn how to be so from 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan who also knows a thing or two about being a good head coach. OK, so maybe I am just referring to Robert Saleh of the Jets but there seems to be no doubt that New York is going to be good with Saleh as the coach and for some time to come.

Ryans, however, hasn’t just inherited good players from Saleh after Saleh left for New York. Ryans knows how to use the personnel he has and puts them in the correct positions to get the best out of their abilities. In 2022, the Seahawks coaching staff seems to have no idea how to do this on the defensive side of the ball.

Adding Ryans would give the Seahawks a young head coach. He would be 39 years old when the 2023 season began. But this would mimic what every other NFC West team has done in recent years. Pete Carroll has decades on every other coach. Again, Carroll might be older but is still a very good coach.

The difference is that while Carroll has a lot less time to be a head coach compared to Shanahan, Sean McVay, or Kliff Kingsbury (OK, maybe not Kingsbury – cough cough), the Seahawks have an opportunity to reshape the franchise this offseason. No team has the 2023 draft capital and the cap room Seattle has to go along with the talent already on the roster so why not hire a head coach who is going to be with the team for five seasons or more?