Seahawks: Four coaches worthy of replacing Pete Carroll

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Seahawks head coaching target: Jim Harbaugh

Maybe there are a lot of reasons for 12s not to like Harbaugh. Mostly it probably stems from his time as the San Francisco 49ers coach from 2011 through 2014. The 49ers were mostly good at this time but due to maybe some regime conflicts, Harbaugh left and went to coach his college alma mater, Michigan. Here is the thing about Harbaugh, however. Everywhere he goes to coach, those teams win games.

There are some who might think Harbaugh isn’t interested in coming back to the NFL, and I don’t know the person so I wouldn’t know. That said, his brother John is still a coach in the NFL and NFL teams don’t seem to be afraid to be interested in Harbaugh coming to their teams. This would lead me to think that he hasn’t mentioned he never wants to go back to the league.

Also, Harbaugh would be following the same sort of path Pete Carroll did. Both were former NFL head coaches, went to a prominent college to coach and led those teams to great success and then, if Harbaugh comes back to the NFL, would be NFL head coaches again. Harbaugh also doesn’t seem like the kind of coach who would need absolute power. A working relationship between Harbaugh and general manager John Schneider seems very capable.

The other thing that Harbaugh brings to his teams is proper coaching and situational scheme along the offensive and defensive lines. The Seahawks might look a bit different on how the defensive line would work but that’s a good thing. Neither with the 49ers or with Michigan has Harbaugh’s defensive lines been bullied. The issue with Michigan at times has been the speed of the defense but that shouldn’t be an issue in the NFL.

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Harbaugh would seem like a great fit for Seattle. Former Saints coach Sean Payton is a good coach as well and might be back in the NFL sooner than later, but the dynamic between Payton and Schneider might be tenuous. Harbaugh is a great football coach and bringing him to the Seahawks would make for a successful next decade.