Seattle Seahawks 2023 Mock Draft: Addressing defensive needs

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Round 1, Seahawks Pick 3 (via DEN)

814. Scouting Report. DT. JalenCarter. 4. Pick Analysis. Georgia. player

I think we can all agree that the Seahawks’ rush defense has been the downfall of this season. Teams are having their way up front staying committed to the run game. Assuming the Bears take Will Anderson, Jalen Carter will fall to number 3. Not only is he a brick wall, but he’s a magic eraser. He will be the right first step in addressing the lack of rush defense for the Seahawks. He moves extremely quickly for someone who is 300 pounds.

The moment 12s fell in love with him was in the SEC Championship game, where he picks up LSU QB Jayden Daniels. He sheds blocks so effortlessly in his run pursuit. Not to mention his sheer power when rushing. The clips of his power are endless. Perhaps, my favorite highlight is the one below, which doesn’t seem explainable.

It is really impressive to see someone that size move that fast. I think this is a no-brainer for the Seattle Seahawks. He will be a difference-maker from day 1.

Round 1, Pick 15

Scouting Report. Texas Tech. 874. Pick Analysis. ED. TyreeWilson. 10. player

Pairing Tyree Wilson with Jalen Carter should fix the defensive line problems for the Seahawks. Not only has the rush defense been horrendous for the majority part of this season, but they haven’t been able to generate consistent pass rush pressure on opposing quarterbacks. An evolving problem for this team over the last couple of years. Tyree Wilson is an athletic freak. With Uchenna Nwosu, Darrell Taylor, and Boye Mafe under contract, bringing in Wilson will solidify this line.

In 2022, Wilson was first-team All-Big 12, led the Big 12 in tackles for loss, and finished 2nd in sacks. Entering the season, his biggest weakness was a plan of attack when rushing. While that can be polished by coaching, his power jumps off the screen. He has had some mean bull rushes where he just puts his head down and drives an offensive lineman backward. At 6-6, 275 pounds, he is a lengthy prospect that can give life to what feels like a juiceless defensive front at times.