3 quick predictions for Seahawks versus Chiefs Week 16

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

The Seahawks need something special to happen to defeat the Chiefs in Week 16. Seattle must get a victory to keep their playoff hopes alive. Here are three predictions for what will happen.

I wanted to find a photo that showed the Seahawks playing the Chiefs. Sadly, one of the better photos I found had Doug Baldwin playing for Seattle and he, of course, won’t be suiting up on Saturday. Neither will Tyler Lockett.

In fact, Seattle is going to be without Lockett, defensive tackle Al Woods (perhaps their best interior defensive line player), and safety Ryan Neal (perhaps their best safety in 2022). How can Seattle possibly win, right? Still, Pete Carroll has led Seattle to victories that were even more shocking probably. So what are three things that may happen?

Prediction 1: Seahawks QB Geno Smith will throw for 400 yards

Smith has never thrown for 400 yards in an NFL game. I realize that he was mostly a backup for most of the previous six seasons, but he was a full-time starter in 2013 and 2014 when he was with the Jets. Smith set a personal career-high by passing for 367 yards a few weeks ago against the Los Angeles Rams. Smith also won’t have Lockett to throw to and tight end Noah Fant has been struggling with an injury too.

So why will Smith throw for 400 yards and 3 touchdowns? Because the Chiefs’ pass defense isn’t very good. KC ranks 31st in QBR-allowed in 2022. The Chiefs have a pretty good run defense, however, and while Ken Walker III is expected to play for Seattle, he isn’t 100 percent healthy. I expect Smith to spread the ball around and not focus simply on DK Metcalf. Geno will be great as he has been for most of this year.

Prediction 2: Seahawks will intercept Patrick Mahomes twice

For a league that appears to be one that is pass-happy, we seem to be seeing a trend in teams getting back to running the ball more productively. Mahomes led the league in touchdown passes in 2018 with 50. In 2022, he also leads the league in TD throws but with just 35. That’s still a lot but that number is relatively low for a passing TD leader recently.

Mahomes is a fantastic quarterback. There’s no reason he doesn’t make the Hall of Fame one day but he is still just 27 years old. He will be good again on Saturday versus Seattle but he will get intercepted twice. One by Tariq Woolen and one by Quandre Diggs. Mahomes will still throw for 3 touchdown passes, though.

Prediction 3: Seahawks fall to 7-8 and their playoff hopes dim even more

Not having Lockett is bad for Seattle but what’s worse is that the Seahawks will be missing Ryan Neal and Al Woods. As bad as Seattle has struggled against the run, Neal – who is actually the highest-graded safety in the NFL this year, per Pro Football Focus (subscription required) – and Woods have been very good against the run. Seattle will give up 230 yards rushing to Kansas City.

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The Chiefs will dominate time of possession on a freezing cold day in Kansas City and the Seahawks’ defense will be worn out by the end of the game. Geno will play well but Kansas City is just better than Seattle right now. The Chiefs will win 35-23 and Seattle’s chances of making the playoffs will fall to 29 percent.