Seahawks playoff hopes get a bit murkier after Week 16

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

The Seahawks lost again in Week 16. Seattle has now lost five of six and might as well assume it will be seven of eight to finish the year. Yes, Seattle still has a chance to make the postseason but it’s an ever-slimming chance for many reasons.

One reason that Seattle has dwindling hopes of making the postseason is the Seahawks themselves. The team hasn’t been good enough to win most games. Somehow Seattle defeated a Rams team that was lacking tons of talent but just barely. I say this because the Rams just decimated former Seahawks QB Russell Wilson’s current team in Week 16 51-14. Nothing in that game implied that Seattle will beat Los Angeles when they meet in Week 18.

Another reason Seattle isn’t currently sitting in postseason position is that they have two teams – the New York Giants and Washington Commanders – with better records above them. The sad fact is that if Seattle had done decently well over the last six weeks, they would probably have already clinched a playoff spot. But they haven’t so why would they expect to be better over the last couple of games of the season? Seattle might still be able to leapfrog both the Giants and Commanders but just wait.

Seahawks need help to get to the playoffs

Because if the Packers win their final two games and the Commanders lose one game, Green Bay is in. If the Seahawks lose another game, they are likely done unless the Packers and Commanders lose the rest of their games.  Expecting the Commanders and the Giants to lose both of their last two games is a bit much, especially as the Giants get to play the Colts in Week 17. But even if the Commanders lose and the Packers win both their games, Green Bay leapfrogs Seattle no matter if Seattle wins another game or not.

Best case scenario is that the Commanders lose to the Browns in Week 17 and the Packers lose in either Week 17 or Week 18 and the Seahawks win their next two games. Seattle has two winnable games against the Jets and Rams, but they could also lose both of those games. Green Bay plays the Vikings and Lions at home to finish the year. Washington plays the Browns and then gets the Cowboys at home.

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I have a feeling that the last two weeks are going to be madness for the NFL playoff picture, just as the NFL wants it. But for 12s, just know that if the Seahawks win their final two games, they give themselves a decent shot. Lose one of them, and Seattle is likely thinking about what the 2023 NFL draft can bring them.