3 observations about Geno Smith Week 16 and his future with Seahawks

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Geno makes huge mistakes for the Seahawks in Week 16

Geno Smith made two huge mistakes against the Chiefs. Maybe neither would have changed the outcome, but it was a weird game. If you look at the statistics for the game only, you may have thought the game was a close one. But Seattle never came closer than 14 points down after the was 8:56 left in the second quarter. And some of that is Geno’s fault.

The first mistake came on the Seahawks’ opening drive of the first half with Seattle down 17-3. A touchdown on the drive likely changes the narrative of the game. But on a third and six from Seattle’s 29-yard line, Smith tried to force a throw to Marquise Goodwin that fell incomplete. The issue was that Smith had acres of the field ahead of him and could have easily run for the first down to keep the drive alive. Heck, he could have likely run for 20 yards without any issues.

This was not a difficult play for a veteran quarterback to make a read on. The field was so wide-open that Smith should have just run. But that he made an in-between decision on such a clear play means he might not be playing overly intelligently currently. Maybe he is trying to force things to help his team out, but in this case, it was a monumentally poor decision.

The second critical mistake Smith made came early in the fourth quarter with the game still 17-3 but with Seattle starting a drive on the Chiefs’ 45-yard line. Seattle got to KC’s 22-yard line and had a 2nd and 12 play. Smith threw an interception on a pass attempt to Goodwin that was so off track it looked like Goodwin had run the wrong route. Smith later said the throw was his fault.