One reason Seahawks should add Derek Carr and two reasons not to

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Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /
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12s, be glad you are not a Raiders fan. At least the Seahawks seemed to have a plan about what to do with Russell Wilson. Las Vegas appears to have no idea what to do with Derek Carr.

Maybe this is more of a Joshy Boy McDaniels issue in Las Vegas. Whatever dirt McDaniels has on most of the rest of the NFL must be something special because this guy keeps staying employed. He failed as a head coach with the Denver Broncos (as most seem to do) and likely only succeeded with the New England Patriots because of a guy named Tom Brady. Now, McDaniels has made more of a mockery of the Raiders.

McDaniels recently made the decision to bench long-term starter Derek Carr and play backup QB Jarrett Stidham for the last two games. The alleged reasoning has something to do about wanting to evaluate Stidham’s future with the team. This is a croc, though. Any head coach that isn’t able to evaluate a player in practice but must see him in a game needs to be terminated immediately.

Should the Seahawks think of going after Derek Carr if he becomes a free agent?

But I am not a Raiders fan so that mess is not any of my real concern. What does concern me is that the Seahawks could be looking for a new quarterback in 2023 and one that might be available is Derek Carr. While Carr is signed through 2025 and could make up to $121,500,000, that is all misleading. The Raiders could release him this offseason and only have $5,625,000 in dead cap.

The Seahawks, meanwhile, have gotten good quarterback play out of Geno Smith for most of this year but Smith has struggled a great deal more recently. Smith is a free agent after this year. Seattle could need a quarterback. Might it be Derek Carr? There has been much speculation about that. But here is one reason for bringing Carr to Seattle and two reasons to not do any such thing.