Seattle Seahawks playoff scenario is crystal clear now

(Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)
(Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) /

The Seahawks defeated the Jets in Week 17 and got a break when the Washington Commanders lost to the Cleveland Browns. Now two things need to happen in Week 18 for Seattle to make the playoffs. But neither will be easy or maybe even expected.

If the Green Bay Packers lose to the Detroit Lions next week, that is half of what Seattle needs. Green Bay has the tie-break over Seattle due to a better record against NFC teams. But Green Bay has been playing much better over the last half of the season and has won four in a row. Plus, the game is in Green Bay.

Thankfully for the Seahawks, the Lions have also been playing much better. Detroit has won 7 of its last 9 games and like the Packers and Seattle, has a record of 8-8. But if Seattle and Detroit both finish 9-8, Seattle will get into the postseason due to defeating the Lions earlier this year. Funny how games that don’t seem to matter too much in the big picture at the time have a way of looming large at the end.

Two things must happen in Week 18 for Seahawks to make the playoffs

Detroit, however, has everything to play for themselves because likely the Seahawks and the Lions and Packers will play at the same time. This means going into the game, Detroit knows they must win and hope the Seahawks lose to make the playoffs. Or basically what Seattle needs to do only with having the Packers lose.

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Of course, if Seattle doesn’t win in Week 18 – and winning is the other part of the two things that must happen in Week 18 for the Seahawks to get in the playoffs – then the Packers losing wouldn’t matter. The issue is that Seattle will play the Rams and Los Angeles is never easy for Seattle to defeat. And the Rams just scored 51 points in a Week 16 victory over the Broncos.