3 observations about DK Metcalf from Seahawks win in Week 18

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Rejoice, 12s! The Seattle Seahawks have made the playoffs for 2022. Maybe they will lose their Wild Card game to the San Francisco 49ers, but just getting to the postseason and finishing with a winning record is likely a shock to many people. Pete Carroll can still coach and Geno Smith is a fairly decent quarterback. And the way Seattle has surprised this season, would it be that much more of a shock if they beat the 49ers?

But a key part of Seattle’s success, of course, is receiver DK Metcalf. The effervescent and sometimes mercurial wideout led Seattle in catches and receiving yards in 2022 but it still seems as if he could have done even more. Some of Metcalf’s worst games have come in the last couple of weeks.

And to be honest, while Seattle was victorious against the Rams in Week 18, this wasn’t because Metcalf had a great game. In fact, in many ways, he was outplayed by his counterpart, Jalen Ramsey. Plus, fellow receiver Tyler Lockett seems to come up with bigger plays than Metcalf this year and Lockett did so again this past Sunday.

Takeaway 1: Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf needs to be a bit better

Still, Metcalf has the closest thing to an early 2010s mentality on the team currently than any other player. What I mean by this is Metcalf isn’t afraid to voice his opinions on the field and shows a lot of brashness. Part of what made the early 2010 teams great is that took no quarter. Did Richard Sherman back down from someone? Um, no.

More on that in a minute, though. Part of the issue with Metcalf’s play of late is he seems to let the fantastic cornerback opposite him get the better of him. Sauce Gardner certainly did in Week 17. Against the Rams in Week 18, Jalen Ramsey had two interceptions on throws to Metcalf. One seemed like a bad pass. But on the second, Ramsey seemed to know the route better than Metcalf and guided Metcalf in a different direction.

Metcalf will almost always be the bigger, faster, and strong player on the field in his area. He needs to learn a lot better how to box cornerbacks out. Heck, if Tyler Lockett had his size, Lockett would have 140 catches a season and 15 touchdowns. Metcalf just needs to be a bit more and help the team a bit more.