Three and out: 3 takeaways from Seahawks kicking their way into the playoffs

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The Seattle Seahawks came into the final week of the NFL regular season needing a win to get a chance to get into the playoffs. The Seahawks needed a win, and the Detroit Lions to beat the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night to get into the playoffs. Of course, the Seahawks needed to take care of their own business to have that chance, and they did just that, in dramatic passion.

The Seahawks needed every yard, every snap, and every forced turnover they can get in order to defeat their NFC West division rival, the Los Angeles Rams in overtime in Week 18. It was a hard-fought game, and for the Seahawks to come out victorious in this game, is just short of a miracle.

It was not a pretty game for the Seahawks, as they were having trouble moving the ball up the fields against a Rams defense who is decimated with injuries up front. Geno Smith did not help the Seahawks’ cause, as he threw an interception on their very first possession.

3 takeaways from the Seahawks victory in Week 18

They simply cannot allow this to happen, especially next week against a much more formidable San Francisco 49ers team. The 9ers will run the ball down the Seahawks’ throat throughout the game when they get into an early lead. The Seahawks made the playoffs, and we cannot take anything away from that especially when no one believed in them at the start of the season. They must learn how to take care of the ball and not allow any unnecessary turnovers to happen.

Enough with the negativity, the Seahawks are in the playoffs, let us celebrate with them on this one with the three takeaways from their playoff-clinching win in Week 18.