3 observations about DK Metcalf from Seahawks loss in Wild Card game

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The Seahawks lost to the 49ers in the Wild Card game on Saturday but none of the problems Seattle had in the second half were DK Metcalf’s fault. Seattle led at the half, partly due to Metcalf’s great play. But Seattle got blown out in the second half, and still, Metcalf did well.

NFL receivers are a slightly odd bunch. Even most of the best ones are reliant on someone else, the quarterback, to get them the ball. Sometimes there are players like Deebo Samuel who can line up at running back and generate yards, but this is rare. Metcalf is more of a pure receiver, just like the great Julio Jones was in his prime.

But receivers are also paid a premium salary. The running back with the highest cap hit in 2023 is Aaron Jones of the Packers who carries a hit of $20,020,000. The next closest back is Ezekiel Elliott of the Cowboys with a cap hit of $16,720,000.

DK Metcalf was special for the Seahawks in the Wild Card game

12 receivers have a higher cap hit than Jones. That is the NFL of today. DK Metcalf is 23rd at $13,720,000, though Metcalf moves up to number 2 in 2025 with a cap hit of $29,500,000.

My point in all this is that receivers rely so heavily on what the quarterback does that to be an extremely valuable receiver the receiver himself needs to be special. Metcalf has put up good numbers in his career but are they truly special? One thing is for sure, even in the Seahawks’ loss to the 49ers in the Wild Card game, Metcalf was once again special in the playoffs. Here are three observations as to why.