4 Seahawks who may have lost their jobs in loss to 49ers

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Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith may have lost his job

I am not saying the Seahawks need to replace Geno Smith. He is excellent in the locker room as other players respect him and he appears to truly be a team player. After the 49ers game, Smith said he wants to retire as a Seahawk as the team took a chance on him and he wants to repay that. But Smith, because he was much better than expected this year, might be offered a big contract or two this offseason as he is a free agent.

While Smith was Pro Bowl-worthy this year, there are some major concerns with him. Smith simply needs to be better with the football and stop having so many turnovers. He had 8 interceptions and 3 fumbles in the final 8 games of the season. And for those who watched the games, at least two other of Smith’s passes would have been pick-sixes except for penalties of the defense (one of which was very questionable).

Seattle has the number 5 pick in the 2023 NFL draft. While Seattle’s defense needs a lot of help, especially along the interior of the defensive line, a great quarterback can make a decent team much better. Russell Wilson did that for years in Seattle.

Should Seattle re-sign Smith for likely $25 million-plus a year or should they choose a quarterback? If CJ Stroud is available at number 5, for example, he might be too much to pass up. Seattle simply doesn’t know if they will get the Smith of the first half of 2022 or the second half moving forward.