Seattle Seahawks: Grading Geno Smith’s unprecedented 2022 season

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The reality of Geno’s 2022

The truth is Geno Smith performed as a top-10 quarterback in this league. During certain stretches, he was a top 5 quarterback in this league. He finished the season with the following accolades:

He had the best completion percentage in the NFL (69.8 percent). He set the franchise record for the Seattle Seahawks.

He had the 4th most TDs thrown in the NFL (30).

He had the 8th-most passing yards (4,282) and set the franchise record for the Seattle Seahawks.

He set the Seattle Seahawks franchise record for completions (399) and finished 6th in the NFL.

Geno set the Seattle Seahawks franchise record attempts (572) and finished 8th in the NFL.

Smith tied for first in TD passes of 20+ yards (13).

He was a Pro Bowler and he still has yet to write back.

Of course, throughout the course of the season, there were plenty of ups and downs. Most notably, a poor performance against the Carolina Panthers that could have been costly if Seattle missed the playoffs. But, Geno Smith was pretty consistent in showing his resolve and bouncing back in games. Although there were many good moments of Geno this season, in particular, dropping 2 dimes to Tyler Lockett against the Saints, my favorite came from Week 1.