Seahawks 2023 mock draft: Retooling the defense post-Wild Card loss

Mandatory Credit: Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports /
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Ncaa Football Syracuse At Clemson
Ncaa Football Syracuse At Clemson /

Seahawks 2023 mock draft: First round

Crimson Tide . Will Anderson, Jr.. 1. player. 829. . Edge rusher

I am not completely sure Anderson is actually available at pick number 5 overall, but he was in Pro Football Network’s simulator so I had to take him. There was a chance to trade back with the Raiders from 5 to 7 and add extra picks, but passing up Anderson would have seemed insane. Anderson is strength and speed personified and is excellent against both the pass and run.

Anderson’s sack total “fell” to 10 sacks in 2022 from 17.5 in 2021 but he faced a whole lot more double-teams and still produced at a high level. He also had “just” 17 tackles for loss versus 31 in 2021, but let’s be real. His 2021 numbers are ridiculous while his 2022 numbers are still very good. Anderson will be a fantastic pro.

player. 879. . Defensive tackle. Tigers . Bryan Bresee. 1

After getting great help with the pass rush by taking Anderson, the Seahawks should try to help fix the interior of the defensive line. Bresee (who always seems to end up with the Seahawks in the mock drafts I do) can gain some weight (he is currently 300 pounds), most of that being muscle, and still be as athletic. He is 6’5″ and has a stout frame on which to add weight.

Bresee should be able to consistently provide some interior push when a team throws but is strong enough already to help eat blockers and help slow an opposing team’s run game. Bresee had an ACL injury in 2021 but appears fully recovered now and played in 9 games for Clemson this season.