Grading the 2022 Seattle Seahawks: The future is bright

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Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /
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Seahawks tackle Abe Lucas
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Seahawks’ offensive line play

One of the reasons Russell Wilson wanted out of Seattle was due to the lack of adequate pass protection that he was surrounded with. And, rightfully so. Wilson was one of the most sacked quarterbacks while in Seattle. Wanting to rebuild in the trenches, the Seahawks used some of their draft capital on offensive linemen.

In particular, LT Charles Cross and RT Abraham Lucas. It was the first time since the 1970 merger, a team started two rookie tackles for the entire season. Entering the 2022 draft, many felt Cross was most NFL-ready given the level of competition he faced at Mississippi State. Both Cross and Lucas were seen more as better pass protectors than run blockers.

I would argue that Abraham Lucas had the better season and was one of the best rookie offensive linemen in the league. The mean streak he was suggested to play with in college translated well into the NFL. The Seahawks’ young offensive line really impressed early on in the season. They regressed as the year went on, but let’s be honest, that was to be expected.

Geno Smith was the 4th most sacked quarterback in this league. Some of it was Geno’s fault for holding onto the ball too long. But, other times, it was penalties that set this offense back and allowed defenses to become more aggressive in 3rd and longs. Charles Cross certainly struggled more with the penalties, in specific, false starts. But, again, these are just the growing pains that come along with young guys on the offensive line.

I expect Seattle to address the C/G position in the draft. There are many good guards and centers in this draft. With a current young core of Cross, Lucas, and Lewis, the Seattle offensive line is on the right track. Yes, Damien Lewis got called for 3 inedible man downfield penalties in the Wild Card. But, overall, they held their own on the biggest stage against one of the best pass rushers in the NFL.

Grade: B