4 potential landing spots for Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith

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Geno Smith has a good year in 2022 for the Seahawks. Compared to any other season in his NFL career, Smith was unbelievably good. That’s part of the issue moving forward with Smith. Do teams, including Seattle, believe he can be just as good in future seasons?

There are as always a bunch of teams that need quarterbacks. Several teams might be a decent quarterback away from being a playoff contender. While some of these teams will find their future quarterbacks in the NFL draft, some teams also have the cap room to bring in someone like Smith.

And while Smith mentioned wanting to “repay” Seattle for them taking a chance on him to be a starting quarterback when hardly any other team – maybe zero teams – and stated he wanted to end his career in Seattle, Smith also owes it to himself and his family to see what is available on the free agent market. It would be nice if Smith came back to Seattle without Seattle having to eat up most of its current room by signing Geno, but NFL players participate in the sport to get paid and Smith, like everyone who works, deserves to get paid as much as he can. If a team offers $10 million a year more than the Seahawks, Smith should take it.

4 potential landing spots for Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith this offseason

Seattle would have a few options to replace Smith, but not all of them are good and none of them are sure things. Maybe the best thing to do in the long run would be to draft a quarterback high in the 2023 NFL draft. By the time the draft comes around in late April, we should know if Geno Smith is returning or not. Or heck, we might know that Seattle has signed Derek Carr to be their quarterback. Who knows?

But Geno Smith is an unrestricted free agent and can choose to go where he wants unless the Seahawks franchise-tag him which seems unlikely. For Smith, where to sign, despite his professed allegiance to Seattle, might simply come down to three things. Those three things are: 1) Guaranteed money, 2) how long the deal is, and 3) can the team win? So where might Geno Smith end up in 2023 and beyond?