4 potential landing spots for Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith

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The Tennessee Titans could do a quick reload with Geno Smith

The Titans are an interesting team. Their defense is fantastic against the run and bad against the pass. Offensively, Tennessee can run extremely well (because of Derrick Henry, of course) but can’t throw well at all. It also doesn’t help that now-fired general manager Jon Robinson made the bone-headed move of not working out an extension with receiver AJ Brown. I am sure Brown now sends daily texts to Robinson thanking him for trading him to the Eagles where Brown is currently enjoying a ride to the NFC championship game.

One of the easiest ways for Tennessee to get back to its 2021 level is to add a good quarterback which Smith is. I realize that Tennessee drafted Malik Willis in the third round of the 2022 draft, but Willis would greatly benefit from Smith. If Tennessee signed Smith to a two-year deal Willis would have a year left after Smith’s deal ended. Willis always needed a bit of time to learn how to be an NFL quarterback and a little extra time won’t hurt him.

Tennessee currently sits at number 11 overall in the 2023 draft. That’s likely not good enough to grab a high-end and immediately impactful quarterback, but it definitely is in good shape for a good wide receiver. Tennessee needs a tight end and by the time of the draft, they would know if they have a good quarterback for two years.

Smith would put Tennessee back in the playoff hunt because of the division they play in. The Jaguars are getting better too in the AFC South, but with Geno Smith, Tennessee might be better in 2023 and in 2024. The Titans might not be a Super Bowl contender adding Geno Smith, but they’d be a lot closer than they currently are. Tennessee would need to release Ryan Tannehill but doing so could free up $18 million and releasing Robert Woods would save $12 million. Plus, NFL teams can find a way to make room for players they want to sign.