4 grossly overpaid Seahawks players on current 2023 salary cap

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Seahawks safety Jamal Adams

I don’t think Jamal Adams doesn’t want to play football. Adams likely does want to play and play aggressively and at a high level. I am just not sure, as many others are probably not certain, if Adams is physically capable of playing at a high level in the future. And I mean that literally; Adams just gets hurt so much I am not sure his body can continue to take much punishment.

A couple of seasons ago. Jamal Adams was a force with 9.5 sacks and 14 quarterback hits and the speed and tenacity to create havoc for an offensive line. But he also missed 5 games with injury. He missed another 5 in 2021 when he dropped to zero sacks and just 2 quarterback hits. His tackles for loss dropped from 11 in 2020 to 4 in the same number of games in 2021. But in 2022, Adams couldn’t make it through one entire game without being injured.

The problem in 2022 was that the quadriceps injury he sustained was so bad it very well might impact the start of his 2023 season. The idea of adding Adams to the defense was a good one in 2020 as Adams was then a physical freak with the ability to attack the offensive line better than any Seahawks defensive back since Kam Chancellor.

But while Adams is only 27 years old, his body seems more like 60 years old. Adams has the fourth-highest cap hit among NFL safeties in 2023 at $18,110,000. This is $10k more than fellow Seattle safety Quandre Diggs. The Seahawks can’t afford to release Adams, however, as he accounts for $21,330,000 in dead cap next season. Adams basically has to finally stay healthy and play well next year or the trade to bring him to Seattle is one of the worst in Seahawks’ history.