3 pros and cons to Seahawks possibly adding Aaron Rodgers

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Pro: Seahawks adding Aaron Rodgers makes them a better team

Geno Smith was a good quarterback for the Seahawks in 2022 and he is still only 32 years old so he could be good for five years or more. But one drawback to Smith, especially as the season wore on, was that he turned the ball over a bit too much. 11 combined turnovers in the last eight games are not great and don’t make for long-term success. Aaron Rodgers, though, is one of the best quarterbacks ever at not turning the ball over.

Rodgers’ career interception percentage of 1.4 is the lowest in modern football. And this is after he threw 12 interceptions in 2022, the second-most of his career. Some of this isn’t entirely his fault, however, as he was playing with receivers he wasn’t that used to nor as good as he has played with. Rodgers had arguably his worst season ever but that doesn’t mean he suddenly isn’t very good.

One reason Rodgers might be intrigued about joining the Seahawks is that he would get to throw to DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. Lockett would be consistently good with almost any decent NFL quarterback. But Metcalf’s production would likely increase a great deal with a quarterback like Rodgers. No one throws receivers open better than Rodgers on both intermediate and long routes and Metcalf would probably have a lot more explosive plays with Rodgers.

Seattle’s run game would probably also benefit from simply having defenses fear Rodgers. Ken Walker III was already good, but he could become to Seattle what Aaron Jones is to Green Bay. That is a running back who is very productive simply running the ball but a force out of the backfield catching the ball too. No offense to Geno Smith, but Aaron Rodgers is better.

Green Bay probably wouldn’t mind moving on from Rodgers either. Trading him opens up a lot of cap room for a team that needs it. The Packers are currently already $17,549,478 over the cap for 2023 and just $3 million under for 2024. The trade would also allow Green Bay to finally play backup Jordan Love as well.