4 Seattle Seahawks players who quietly had great seasons in 2022

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I have seen many social media questions about whether one would measure the Seahawks’ 2022 season as a success or a failure. It’s an odd question and comes down to one’s interpretation of whether an NFL team’s season is a complete success if they win the Super Bowl or a complete failure if they don’t. But for this year’s Seattle team, there is a lot more gray area to being a success or a failure.

This even comes down to certain players. For example, did edge rusher Darrell Taylor have a good season because he had 9.5 sacks? Or did he have a bad year because before Week 13, Taylor only had 3 of those sacks meaning he was not at all consistent?

The Seahawks were so up and down this season that a team that some thought would win no more than 5 games but finished with 9 (but at times looked like they could have won 12 or lost 12) might be considered successful. Personally, I think the team was a success because they made the playoffs in a season hardly anyone thought they would, plus they have a young roster that should be better in the future. But which players ended up having great seasons that the average NFL fan may not have paid as much attention to as they would have what DK Metcalf was doing?

Player No. 1: Seahawks rookie Dareke Young

Seattle’s rookie class was fantastic overall. Most of the 2022 picks contributed in some way and several were among the league leaders in certain categories. But while Kenneth Walker III’s 1,050 rushing yards, Tariq Woolen’s 6 interceptions, and Coby Bryant’s 4 forced fumbles stood out because statistics are easy to view, Dareke Young’s contributions shouldn’t be overlooked either. As the season wore on, Young became a more important part of special teams, for instance.

It took about three games, but Seattle finally realized that Young, a wide receiver by trade, could tackle really well and didn’t mind hitting a kick returner or punt returner really hard. It helps that Young is also 6’2″ and 225 pounds with speed. Young also lined up at fullback a couple of times and looked excellent blocking as he clearly likes contact.

Young finished with 7 tackles on special teams (a very good number), some crushing blocks when lined up in the backfield on offense, and when he got his chance late in the season to make catches, he caught all 3 of his targets and made some nifty moves after the catch. Young’s numbers won’t jump off the page, but his play on special teams specifically should.