Podcast: What a Geno Smith re-signing with Seahawks might look like

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The 2022 NFL season is almost done. That means it’s almost time for NFL fans to find out which free agents will sign with which teams and which players teams will choose in the 2023 NFL draft. For Seahawks fans, this means finding out how Seattle will spend its relative abundance of cap space and what the Seahawks will do with pick number 5 overall.

In recent news, though, my co-host Todd Vandenberg and I will dive into what exactly it may mean that quarterback Geno Smith has said his negotiations on working out a deal to re-sign with the Seahawks are “looking good.” Good for Geno or good for the team? Or maybe both.

We also discuss which free agents would be dream signings for Seattle from other teams. And ways not to blow all the money on one or two players. Of course, if Geno Smith does re-sign, that will certainly affect the salary cap and how much money Seattle has to spend. But having a veteran quarterback on a relatively young roster wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Seahawks podcast: What a new Geno Smith contract might look like

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