3 safeties Seahawks must pursue with Jamal Adams still limping

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Pittsburgh Steelers Vs New York Jets Week 4
Pittsburgh Steelers Vs New York Jets Week 4 /

Seahawks option 2: Jets free agent Lamarcus Joyner

Joyner isn’t young as he will turn 33 years old during the 2023 season and he gets dinged up more often than one might hope. But that is probably only going to lower his potential contract offers and this would be good for Seattle. Not that Seattle can’t afford to pay a player, but if the plan is to have someone on a one-year deal while Jamal Adams works back to full health, Joyner might be a good fit.

Joyner can play a bunch of different positions as well. He has even lined up at linebacker. He still has decent enough speed and can peel off and play the deep middle at times. He is also an excellent communicator and would be a boon to the young cornerbacks that Seattle has. And there is no doubt Joyner makes an impact on the field.

The Jets’ defense was excellent this season but they were better when Joyner was on the field than in the games he missed. Joyner missed three entire games and most of the game New York played against Seattle and the Jets were 0-4 in those games. Three of the top four games where New York gave up their most yardage on defense were games where Joyner missed all, or almost all, of the game.

Joyner wouldn’t be a long-term fix as strong safety for Seattle. But safely assuming Jamal Adams isn’t ready early in 2023, Joyner would be a great fit for Seattle. That is, as long as the money is right.