4 Seattle Seahawks on the hot seat heading into 2023 offseason

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Seahawks have great draft capital and good cap room heading into the offseason. But a few mistakes could doom Seattle’s future. Seattle’s front office must make the correct choices in the draft and free agency to make sure the franchise maintains some level of success.

I don’t want to get into which players were problems for Seattle in 2022 that are free agents. Some of those guys might be retained and need to be better. Most of the others will probably be asked to leave. Even guard Gabe Jackson, who is under contract for 2023 but hasn’t been very good, might be released.

But there are several facets of the organization that need to take a long look in the mirror this offseason and ask themselves if they can be better. All of these parts are in the Seahawks’ plans for 2023. Here are four that should be on the hot seat.

Hot seat 1: Seahawks cornerback Tre Brown

Brown was an effective corner in college at Oklahoma and seemed to play with the proverbial chip on his shoulder. He was the kind of player Pete Carroll loves and this is why the Seahawks chose him in the fourth round of the 2021 draft. But so far, Brown has been more injured than impactful. Of the possible 34 games Brown could have played, he has participated in only 11 of them.

Plus, in 2022, Brown was in on only 21 defensive snaps. His issue is that Tariq Woolen turned out to be a steal in round 5 of the 2022 draft and is going to be a starter at one outside corner spot for a long time in Seattle. Another 2022 draftee, Coby Bryant, looks like he could be a slot corner starter for many years. This doesn’t leave much room for Brown to play.

That is unless Brown can finally be healthy and battle to start at the other outside corner (opposite Woolen) in 2023. But Brown hasn’t shown he can be anywhere near consistently healthy and therefore we have no idea how good he can truly be. If the Seahawks take a cornerback fairly high in the 2023 draft, Brown might need to eventually find another team to play with to try to prove his worth.