3 Seahawks 2022 free agents that were really good this season

(Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)
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The Seahawks’ season easily exceeded the most reasonable expectations. They never would have gotten there without key pickups in the offseason. Let’s take a look at the good pickups they made here.

Yes, 12s, the Seahawks had a great year in 2022 by any standard. There’s no doubt they would never have made their improbable run to the playoffs without the key free agents they added to the roster after dropping to 7-10 in 2021. No, they didn’t address the massive holes at quarterback or middle linebacker through free agency. The Hawks still have questions at the linebacker position, but they definitely had the answer at QB.

When your team posts a losing record for the first time in a decade, there are more holes to address than those two, even if they are the most critical roles on the squad. The Seahawks did a great job in a couple of these roles, were adequate in others, and completely missed on a few more. But considering the value they received, the Hawks did just fine. First, let’s look at those swings and misses.

Seahawks didn’t quite strike gold, but they didn’t miss, either

The Hawks may not have gotten Pro Bowl seasons out of this group, but they certainly received a decent return on their investment with these three players. The group appeared in 47 games, totaling 22 starts. The player with the fewest snaps still saw action on 420 plays and was a key contributor to the revitalized Seahawks offense. That particular speedster even led the team in average gain at 14.3 yards per catch. Just who was this miracle worker?