3 Seattle Seahawks that don’t deserve another season in 2023

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Player No. 2: Seahawks edge rusher Alton Robinson

Alton Robinson has many of the same issues as Mone but Robinson is even more injury-prone. The fifth-round 2020 draftee played in 14 games his rookie year and seemed likely to help the team’s pass rush for years. He had 4 sacks and 5 tackles for loss in only 335 snaps. The weird thing was that Robinson didn’t seem to be given the chance of playing even more to see what he could do.

In 2021, Robinson started 2 games and played in 16 and played 371 defensive snaps but his numbers fell overall. He ended up with just 1 sack and 3 quarterback hits. The issue was possibly that he was ill-used in then-defensive coordinator Ken Norton, Jr.’s defense. Robinson is a pure pass rusher and needs to be used in heavy rotation on passing downs but he was still used sparingly in those situations.

Before the 2022 season, Robinson suffered a knee injury. At first, it was thought he would only miss a few weeks. But that stretched in the entire season and even now Robinson doesn’t appear ready to play any time soon. He is basically taking up a potential roster spot for someone who is probably better.

Robinson’s cap hit is $1,097,837 in 2023. His dead cap is only $87,837, however. The Seahawks would save almost his entire salary by letting Robinson go this offseason. Maybe a million dollars isn’t all that much in the NFL world, but if added to a few million more, it could be enough to help entice a decent pass rusher to Seattle before the 2023 season.