Pros and cons of Seattle Seahawks adding Justin Fields

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Seattle Seahawks made a concerted effort to get younger last offseason. This is one explanation for replacing quarterback Russell Wilson (traded to the Denver Broncos) and linebacker Bobby Wagner (released and signed with the Los Angeles Rams). Both players were over 30 years old and at times appeared to be of diminishing quality. Seattle seemed to be correct on one player and completely wrong on the other, based on the 2022 season.

The player that Seattle got wrong was Wagner. He was excellent for the Rams this past season. He somehow didn’t make the Pro Bowl even though he finished with a career-high 6 sacks, had 10 quarterback hits, 10 tackles for loss (his best year since 2017), and intercepted 2 passes. Maybe the Rams overall disappointed but Wagner individually did not.

Wilson was another story. He had his worst season in the NFL, and it wasn’t close. He ended up going through three play-callers, saw his head coach get fired during the season, and Denver went 5-12. Ouch. But Seattle might be looking for a different quarterback in 2023 even though Wilson’s replacement in 2022, Geno Smith, was better than Wilson was this year.

Should the Seahawks try to trade for Justin Fields?

While Denver is stuck with Wilson after having signed him to an extension that keeps him with the Broncos through 2028 (unless he gets released prior to that), Geno Smith isn’t truly stuck with the Seahawks. Smith is a free agent this offseason. Maybe Seattle re-signs him or maybe Seattle lets him leave and needs to find a new quarterback.

The Seahawks have options if the latter is the case. Maybe they go after a free agent like Derek Carr. Possibly Seattle takes a quarterback high in the 2023 NFL draft. Or maybe Seattle decides to trade for Bears quarterback Justin Fields who suddenly seems to be potentially available via trade. Should Seattle entertain that idea?