Seahawks 2023 draft: Only one QB is worth selecting in the 1st round

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Ideal Seahawks QB: Athletic + Big Arm

Anthony Richardson is similar in size to Buffalo Bills QB, Josh Allen. Richardson stands at 6’4″, 232 pounds while Allen is 6’5″, 237 pounds. Richardson, like Allen, will enter the NFL Draft with unique raw ability. In 2018, when Josh Allen was drafted, his strengths jumped off the tape. He had a cannon of an arm and great athletic ability. However, many felt he wasn’t ready to be a day-1 NFL starter. For the most part, they were right.

Josh Allen really struggled in his rookie year. As many expect Richardson to do if he is to be named a day-1 starter for whichever team drafts him. He is seen as more of a project. A prospect with a high ceiling, but needs the right coaching and guidance in order to come into his own. That was the key for Allen in his turnaround in the NFL.

Then offensive coordinator of the Bills, Brian Daboll, helped limit the turnovers for Allen in his 2nd year and helped him turn into one of the better QBs in the NFL. Shane Waldron, one of the up-and-coming offensive coordinators can help do the same for Anthony Richardson.

Not only does Richardson have the intangibles that fit what the Seahawks want to do offensively, but he also won’t force their hand in selecting him. Meaning, at pick #5, the Seahawks will not have to reach to get Richardson. I’m sure they will have multiple suitors for a potential trade. If they were to get pick number 7 (trade with Las Vegas) or pick number 9 (trade with Carolina), they can still go defense first. Or, they can stay put at pick number 5 and essentially guarantee themselves either Jalen Carter, Will Anderson, or Tyree Wilson.

The need on the defensive line is what ultimately eliminates Seattle from considering Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud, or Will Levis. In order to get one of those guys, they would most likely have to trade up from number 5. Something I would advise against when there are other glaring holes on this team. Not to mention the fact they have a viable option in QB at Geno Smith.

Another reason why Richardson is so appealing is that he can come in at pick 20 and learn behind Geno. I don’t think there is anyone suited better to mentor Richardson than Smith himself.