3 potential landing spots for former Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner

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Former Seahawks linebacker potential landing spot 2: The Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings underperformed this past season and a huge reason for it was that their defense wasn’t as good as expected. And one reason their defense wasn’t as good was that their linebackers were mostly aged and slow. True, Wagner isn’t young himself, but he proved in 2022 that he still has more than enough speed to help a defense. Minnesota is still in some kind of window to be successful and adding Wagner helps them compete next season.

Minnesota’s record this past year was misleading. Yes, they were 13-4 and made the playoffs. They also scored 424 points but gave up 427 points. They were in a division that was terrible at the beginning and got better. Detroit will likely start off better next season and so might the Bears.

If the Vikings get off to a slow start in 2023, they will be sunk. One way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to improve the defense. The Vikings are currently negative-$21,319,469 under the cap next season. But they can create a bunch of cap room by releasing linebackers Eric Kendricks and Jordan Hicks. In fact, releasing them more than makes room for Wagner.

If I was a Minnesota fan, and I most definitely am not, I’d want Wagner on my team. How much will he command in salary? Who knows? The contract Wagner signed with the Rams last offseason only guaranteed him $5 million total over five seasons. He will likely only get $10 million (with just a bit of that guaranteed money) or less from a new team this offseason.