Seahawks value ratings: The good, the bad, and the weird

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Seahawks safeties Quandre Diggs and Ryan Neal
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These Seahawks received some very interesting ratings

In case you missed it above, you can see the entire list of Seahawks ratings here. I find this completely fascinating; something of a real-world Fantasy Football valuation. For the good, let me give you three players’ ratings. I’m sure the more astute 12s will come up with two of the names, but to get all three, well, you’re a true mathy 12. Or you just cheated and looked at the link. I’ll give you the names of all players at the end.

Player A: 89.06

Player B: 98.34

Player C: 82.32

Now let’s go to the bad. Again, this rating doesn’t mean the player truly played poorly, or that Spotrac is filled with Niners fans. It simply means that based on the production relative to their position, they returned less value for the money the Seahawks invested in them.

Player D: 16.03

Player E: 14.19

Player F: 15.59

Now we get to the really fun part, the ratings that I thought were simply weird. By the way, if you haven’t seen The Good, the Bad, the Weird, do yourself a huge favor and watch it as soon as possible. The best way I can describe it is a gonzo over-the-top Korean Western that pays homage to spaghetti westerns in the most frenetic style imaginable. Anyway, back to football. I just have to say that some of the ratings were just… weird.

Now if you think Taylor vis-a-vis Nwosu was weird, you haven’t seen nothin’ yet. We’ll take a deeper dive into that in a bit. For now, well, there are good ratings, there are bad ratings, and then… we have the truly weird ratings. It could be because the player was really good, but got a lot of money, or maybe the math itself just got weird. A note: Players I and J are paired, and you’ll see why at the big reveal.

Player G: 27.34

Player H: 8.63

Player I: 79.03, Player J: 83.39