Three free agents that used to be Seahawks that should be brought back

Mandatory Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports /
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NFL free agency is almost upon us. Teams can start officially unofficially speaking and working out deals with players on March 13th and on March 15th, players can sign new deals. While the Seahawks have several of their own players they need to decide whether to re-sign or not, several former Seattle players are free agents as well.

Sometimes players want to return to a team they had played with previously. It’s nice to have familiarity with a city and a stadium and a fanbase. That is, of course, if the organization treated a player well while they were with the team. The Seahawks appear to treat their players well, however, so players returning after being with other teams isn’t out of the question.

This offseason, John Schneider and Pete Carroll might have decisions to make on bringing some players back who left for less-greener pastures in hopes of making the team better. The team does have positions of need, obviously. The three players that follow should be brought back.

Player No. 3: Seahawks should bring back Jadeveon Clowney

I realize Clowney is a threat to get injured on every play, but he fills a need that Seattle simply doesn’t have an answer for currently. That would be a true defensive end that can pressure opposing quarterbacks at times but is also excellent against the run. Seattle was horrible against the run in 2022 and signing Clowney would undoubtedly go a way toward fixing the issue.

Clowney is also due for a good season. He is only 30 years old even though it seems like he has been playing for about 20 years. While 2022 wasn’t his best season, it was only the second season since 2016 that he didn’t have double-digit quarterback hits. Clowney also received a run defense grade from Pro Football Focus (a subscription is required) of 74.3 which is in the very good range.

My point, Clowney can still play at a good level. He also probably isn’t going to be offered a contract of $10 million or more. His injury history is getting too long at the point and he is just past 30. But if he would sign for $7 million or so, the Seahawks should bring him back.