Seattle Seahawks news for Monday: Ode to Mama Blue

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(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

The Seattle Seahawks fanbase lost one of their most interesting and fun people on Saturday. Patti “Mama Blue” Hammond was 92 years old. There are many great fans of the team, of course, few are as fervent as Hammond.

Hammond was the winner of the Seahawks Fan of the Year in 2020. Around the same time she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. While that is normally treatable, Hammond – you know, I am just going to refer to her as she would likely prefer for this rest of the article: Mama Blue – lived on a fixed income so donations were needed.

12s ended up donating quite a bit of money to help her. That’s because 12s are much more than just Seahawks fans. We are a group with a common purpose that goes beyond just football and Mama Blue personified that.

Seahawks superfan Patti “Mama Blue” Hammond passed away at 92 years old

Mama Blue had season tickets since the team’s inception in 1976. This was when the team played in the Kingdome and wasn’t very good. But Mama Blue and her husband, Dick, didn’t care and went to every game and stayed until the end and ferociously rooted for the team, win or lose. This is what real fans do, right? Whether the team is good or bad, you love them either way.

Several notable people tweeted their sadness about Mama Blue’s passing. This even included the Seahawks’ official account. Plus, play-by-play announcer, Steve Raible.

But likely no one more succinctly said how one should go to games to pull for their favorite team than Mama Blue herself. As she put it, “You don’t go to a football game to sit there and knit, you know? You better be there ready to yell for your team or stay home.”

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But in other news that might involve the Seahawks, Field Gulls has a pre-draft visit tracker going on so that’s fun. Plus, Brandon Jordan left the Michigan State football program for Seattle. Finally, where might the Seahawks and Geno Smith stand on a potential new contract?