Four potential cap casualties Seahawks should target in free agency

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Seahawks target No. 2: Running back Leonard Fournette

The Seahawks have a running back. That person’s name is Ken Walker III and he is going to be the starter in Seattle for many years to come if he stays healthy. But one way to keep Walker healthy is to provide him with some adequate depth and players that aren’t simply situational backs. This is where Leonard Fournette comes in.

Fournette has become a more situational player with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but that’s because Tampa needed him to play that way. Fournette is a good pass catcher but has the size – he is 6′ and 230 pounds – to be able to run between the tackles as well. There is no reason Fournette cannot be a three-down back.

He shouldn’t have to do this with Seattle long-term either, but Fournette has the ability to take reps on entire series so that would let Walker get more rest. Fournette, in return, would be able to do the same thing has been doing in Tampa which is rotate out with another running back. This allows Fournette to stay healthy as well.

Currently, the Seahawks have Walker and DeeJay Dallas on the roster as far as running backs who can be counted on to be somewhat productive. Dallas hasn’t been consistently productive, however. But even if Dallas was a known commodity for how good he can be long-term, Seattle still needs at least one more running back who can spell Walker. Fournette would be a perfect fit there and not an overly expensive one.