Seattle Seahawks 2023 Mock Draft: Post-Geno Smith re-signing

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When the calendar hit December this season, Seahawks fans realized that the dream of having a top-ten pick was not just real, but becoming an expectation. Thanks to the Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson being a massive disappointment, the Seahawks have an opportunity to add a blue-chip talent on a cheap salary at a draft pick slot they haven’t seen in over a decade. So naturally, we’re gonna mock up some drafts!

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be talking about potential mock drafts that could enhance, or completely reshape this roster. For drafting purposes, I used Pro Football Network’s rankings and mock simulator. Unlike PFF, PFN’s big board falls in line with the majority of the draft rankings you can find out there.

With yesterday’s massive news about Geno Smith signing a three-year extension to stay with the Seahawks, it brings the potential of clarity and stability to the franchise with such valuable picks coming in this draft. While they could still select a quarterback that they love at pick 5, they now are in a fantastic position. If the QB run happens early, then Seattle should have the opportunity to select one of the three elite defensive prospects in this draft.

Seattle Seahawks 3-round mock draft: Building around Geno

There is also an opportunity to take advantage of a QB-desperate team and collect more assets. In this week’s mock, we look at combining those two scenarios, creating a fantastic scenario for the official Geno Smith-led Seahawks to make a Super Bowl run.