Seahawks news for Wednesday: Today marks a year since it all changed

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

One year ago the current state of the Seattle Seahawks franchise changed forever. And yet, the team might be better for it now and in the long term. But goodness, last March 8th was a bit crazy.

At the beginning of the day, Seattle still had both Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner on the roster. But by the end, not. Wilson, of course, was traded to the Denver Broncos for several players and several draft picks. Wilson then led the Broncos this season to one of doom and Seattle ended up with the number 5 pick in the 2023 NFL draft. The draft pick originally belonged to Denver. Thanks, Russ!

But perhaps the move that hurt the Seahawks the most in 2022 was the release of Wagner. Wagner is more a sure-fire Hall of Famer than even Wilson, but Wagner was going to be really expensive for Seattle this past season. His cap hit was $20.35 million and Seattle had to find a way to clear space.

March 8th, 2022 changed the Seahawks’ franchise

Still, Wagner went on to have a fantastic season for the Rams and earned second-team All-Pro honors. His raw statistics were better in the Rams’ defensive scheme than they ever would be with Seattle’s, but even in 2021 Wagner was a good player for the Seahawks. But now the Rams have announced they will release Wagner because they can’t afford him moving forward. A team that can? Seattle.

It may mean nothing, but Wagner recently changed his Twitter header to the Seattle skyline. Wagner isn’t from Seattle originally. He is from Los Angeles. So changing the header to the skyline of the city he used to play in might be inactive for a future move back to the Seahawks. 12s should hope anyway because Wagner would instantly become the best linebacker Seattle has and that should make the overall defense better.

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Both Wagner and Wilson did play a game with the new teams at Lumen Field in 2022. The contrast of the receptions each player received is notable. Wilson had some cheers but a lot of boos at the beginning of the Broncos versus Seahawks in Week 1. Wagner was loudly applauded with the Rams played Seattle in Week 18. This is likely indicative that if the two players were ever available for Seattle to bring back to the team, 12s would welcome Wagner back happily but Wilson? Not so much.