Geno is still with the Seahawks. Is Seattle done at QB, though?

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Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Seattle Seahawks and Geno Smith came to an agreement to keep Smith in town for another three years. It’s a good deal for both sides. Plus, the deal ensures that Seattle can keep building on what was a very promising season into the future.

But now that Geno’s secured his future with the Seahawks, that still leaves Seattle with just one QB on the roster. Very little has been said about Drew Lock and Jacob Eason is already gone. Neither Michael Penix nor Cameron Ward has declared for this year’s draft, making Ben DiNucci of the XFL’s Seattle Sea Dragons the only other QB in the state that’s taken a snap in any professional capacity in the last calendar year.

Any student of football history can tell you that having a good backup plan at QB is of paramount importance to a team with legitimate playoff aspirations. Even Tom Brady, perhaps the greatest QB in NFL history, only ever seized that moniker because he was prepared to step in for Drew Bledsoe one fateful day in September of 2001.

Will the Seahawks keep looking for a QB now that Geno Smith has re-signed?

Pete Carroll seems to agree and has expressed multiple times that the Seahawks are looking closely at this year’s QB class, regardless of Geno Smith’s status with the team. After all, Smith’s contract is only a three-year deal, with an easy opt-out after the 2024 season that would cost the Seahawks just $12 million. The Seahawks’ long-term future at the position is still very much in question. So, what are some potential options for them to look at?