A detailed plan for the Seahawks offseason post-Geno Smith extension

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /
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It was one of the great stories (yes, a comeback story) in all of football in 2022, the redemption of Geno Smith. From being embarrassed on his draft night, to his fall from grace in New York City, and his decade-long exile within the league, it wasn’t until this season that Geno was given a real chance. With an opportunity that few believed he would seize, Geno Smith played like a top-10 quarterback, leading the Seattle Seahawks to a 9-8 record and a stunning playoff berth.

As his award-winning season came to a close, the biggest question before the offseason could truly kick-off was whether he’d return to Seattle. While talking heads covered every possible scenario they could imagine, it always seemed pretty clear there were two options: Sign a team-friendly deal that also gives Geno some financial security, or go find the best offer out there on the market. With such a special rookie quarterback class, and numerous good to great NFL QBs looking for a job, Geno was always going to have a hard time finding a massive deal that would force John Schneider and Pete Carroll to walk away from.

This high ground the Seahawks had with Geno led to them coming to an agreement on a 3-year $105 million dollar extension. It’s a life-changing deal for Smith, who will receive $26.1 million up front as a signing bonus. It’s a franchise-changing deal for the Seahawks.

A detailed plan on how the Seahawks can have great offseason success in 2023

Within this three-year deal, Seattle has the potential to not only get out of the deal after this season and the next, but they also were able to lower Geno’s cap hit to only $10.1 in 2023. This incredibly team-friendly deal gives the Seahawks a potential top 10 QB whose cap counts for less than 5% of the team’s salary cap in 2023.

Given this exciting news, I decided to play armchair GM and break down how the Seattle Seahawks can put themselves in Super Bowl contention not only this season but going forward.